Re 5: Parent Involvement

Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 11:07:50 EDT

I think that you did a nice job in putting certain factors in a positive
perspective. I think that yes, one has to take into consideration contextual and
cultural variables in determining how or why parents get or not get involved.

I live in a relative affluent community, predominantly white middle
class and the parent involvement i speak of is simply NOT there. These
parents can find all the excuses they want. Mothers as well as parents both
have to work in order to pay their large homes a high taxes which are among
the highest in the entire USA in this area. But still parents involvement is
totally lacking and I always have felt that one needs to give just a little bit
in order to let the school and teachers know that one's child's education

Parents of other cultures and minorities perhaps have a different set of
circumstances that prevents them from becoming publicly involved but it would be
nice to know that at least ''at home'' they support their children's education
and are aware of some of their child's academic progress.

Support for one's child academic progress can be done in many simple and meanful
ways. I ask my daughter a lot of questions and always know what she is studying
by looking at what she brings home. (it takes 10 minutes) If I am concerned
about something I write the teacher a note. I always get a reply and my concerns
are always addreeed well. I agree with your assertion that schools should
defenitely do more to elicit parent involvement in the
schools. But I have to say that regardless of how positive my interactions
with teachers has been so far, I remain deeply suspicious of the schools
system. I know for a fact that schools DO NOT want parents to become too
involved. Sometimes my concerns are addressed so quickly that I believe is so
that they ''can stop me from going any further'' kind of odd....actually..
The best thing is for parents to kind of ''force'' their way in and partly take
their schools back. But parental involvement continues to be minimal in my
school district and parent's excuses continue to get in the way.


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