Re 10: Parent Involvement

From: Carlotta Tyler (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 13:45:05 EDT

I am coming in here with the intention to bring light, not heat, to the
conversation about monitoring our children's education.

I hear your confusion, Leseman, about the some of the responses to your
remarks as a request for feedback. What I think people are reacting to is
the use of the word "should" and "should not". As a behavioral consultant,
I am aware that these are words that often "trigger" resistance in adults.
"Shoulds" are also experienced, internally, as judging words in our
Judeo-Christian cultural tradition.

 I also know from a decade on school board, that parents can be very
vulnerable around the topic of their children and their education since
many opportunities, that education is perceived to provide, can determine
the quality of their children's future adult lives. This is delicate
terrain to traverse. We're doing fine AND we need to continue the
conversation just when it is becoming spirited. Hang in there, conversants,
we're getting near to discussing some things that may get us up and active about
improving our children's schools.


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