Re: Power structure

From: Carlotta Tyler (
Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 11:09:19 EDT

Darcy and all,
The concept of power HAS changed.
The introduction of the internet as a technology that connects people all
over the planet has changed the "control over" concept of power forever.
It didn't need to be voted on....people, like us, are voting with our
fingers every day.

Sharing information, opinions, beliefs....changing MINDS. Not unlike
the introduction of computers, which shifted the control of information (read:
"power") from the top to all over the organization, the Internet has
changed the whole ball game. Why else do you think nation states and
institutional power brokers are so threatened and trying to tighten up on
general access, use, cost?


Original message:
>Perhaps the concept of power needs to change. Imagine what it could be
>like if we all just shared the knowledge and power and grew as a whole.

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