Re: Parent Involvement

Date: Sat Jul 31 1999 - 11:34:21 EDT

I still hold that economic conditions do not and should not stop anyone from
becoming involved in their children's education. Frankly all philosophical
questions aside, involvement and caring how a child's academic progress is
taking place, is a simple pragmatic step to take. There are a million ways to do
it. Trough a phone call, a meeting with a teacher, a few questions asked, 10
minutes to look at one's cholds home work and the list is endless.

I come from a small poor country that has one of the highest literacy rates in
the world. We have no armies. Only schools. And when I visit and go into rural
areas I see children bare footed walking to schools and their academic
performance being very high, I know this could not be so if they did not receive
parental support amidst their ''economic poverty''.

So even when economic and cultural adversity might exist, if there is a will
there is defenitly a way...the old cliche holds totally true here...

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