RE 11: Parent Involvement

From: Alicia Smalley, MSW (
Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 16:15:23 EDT

I believe it is difficult to get to speak with a teacher, it takes
persistence and constantly watching your watch to call at the exact time
they may be in the office. They do not have voice mail (which is absurd)
and most schools don't have telephones in their classrooms, so it is not
always so easy to speak with a teacher.

I am tired of hearing how parents don't care when they are not vigilent in their
dealings with the often times unfriendly school environment. Particularly
students who have parents with language barriers--they are not likely to come in
during the day to try to discuss their students progress. Economics do impact
participation--as you will see the mothers and fathers that don't work or have
flexibility on their jobs are the ones who come in to school. People who work
in low-wage jobs don't usually have such flexibility. Some parents work 2 jobs
to try to provide for their families in our (US) culture which values
consumption of goods and services--

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