Re: Wrestling With Equality

From: Gae Broadwater (
Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 11:26:15 EDT

I have 2 nephews who wrestle (as opposed to "wrastle")
and they have been poisoned by their wrestling coach
father and others who believe that Title IX is the sole
reason their sport has been singled out for elimination
from various college and high school programs. When
I explain to my nephews that Title IX never intended
to terminate any opportunities and that it is used as
an excuse instead of making hard decisions about
priorities and choices, they begin to listen. I also
remind them that their mom (my sister) and I never
had any opportunities and ask if they want to be sure
their 6-yr old cousin (my niece) has a chance to
play the sports of her choice.

It's not a "wrestling or soccer" argument. It is an "easy"
way out for decision makers--and now we are finding
out what isn't so easy.


Liz wrote:
Is Title IX really the cause of wrestling's shrinkage, or does the rise =
of soccer have something to do with it?

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