Re 8: Bilingual Education

Date: Mon Aug 02 1999 - 14:28:17 EDT

Thank you for your kind perspective. Many philosophical systems are based
entirely on moral premises of wright and wrong. Entire books have been written
on ethics and moral guidelines that people adopt as true. Religion, politics,
education, science, psychology, sociology and many other sciences and
non-sciences are based in the belief of many universal' truths''. We all are the
willing victims of such self imposed ''truths''. So Iam a little amused at being
critized for expressing a strongly held opinion (my own thruth) because his list
is full of people who have very strong convictions and ideas regarding
differerent issues and are constantly making references and expressing opinions.

I can't make apologies for sounding less ''polite'' but Iam only one of the many
who do in this list. Not only have I been called ''arrogant'' but now Iam
accused of ''lacking compassion'' The person making the statement says that
''she does not care what kind of background I come from'' and she says ""Iam
judgemental'' (?)

I feel that bi-lingual education is absolutely unnecessary having gone through
it myself Iam more qualified to say something about it than the people who are
critizizing me for saying it unless they too went through it and experienced it
themselves. And Iam sure that many many people who are teaching english as a
second language are genuinely caring persons but what I saw and still see is
that bi-lingual education is disguised paternalistic racism. It was in my case,
and as an adult now involved in educational issues, I still view it the same
way. This is not to say that people involved in the actual teaching of these
children are racist !!!! No !!! I am merely saying that bi-lingual education as
a social structure within a structure is.

Thank you, again

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