Re 12: Parent Involvement

Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 15:08:13 EDT

First I would like to respectfully call attention to the statement you make
that often it is ''mothers that don't work'' who have flexibility to become
involved in their children's education. Most mothers DO work, and work very hard
without too many real breaks or recognition. Just because some of them do not
work outside the home it does not mean that motherhood does not involve quite a
bit of labour...

Yes, it is very difficult to speak to teachers but I have never been turned
down when I have requested a meeting...even if its only for 10 or 15 minutes
after school. Also I communicate quite well through the writing of small notes
when I need information or feel concerned regarding anything else. I agree that
most schools are no real parent friendly and that they tend to be intimidating
but that is a stronger reason for parents to continue molding school
administrators and policy to be more responsive to parental concerns.

Also I have met many school administrators in my district who are open minded
and in my conversations with some of them I have come to believe that there is a
bit of fear that if they become to ''open'' to parental involvement they may
leave themselves open to some groups of parents whose ideas are too
conservative. There is a strong fundamentalist group of parents here who are
always criticizing the school and I have the feeling the school is afraid of
''letting them in the door'' and for that matter some of us are there
is direct political and philosophical factor here to consider....


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