Re: Some clarification

Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 10:10:17 EDT

As much as some of us may like Marxist philosophy, not all matters concerning
human behavior can possibly be subjected to the laws of economics. Although most
of us do know that economics DOES play a very influencial part in social and
individual behavior it would be a mistake to believe that humans cannot trascend
some of the economic barriers imposed on them.

My original message had to do with bi-lingual education strictly from a language
learning point of view and not with bi-lingual education as social adjustment.
Perhaps that is part of the problem...

You ask me whether Iam saying the folloing things: That I have overcome
diversity by learning a new language and expect everyone else to do the same,(2)
that I do not believe economics is related to how parents are able to interact
with a child's education, and a most interesting ask me to write
down some of the things parents can do at home to be involved in the education
of their children but to do it so that it can accomodate different parents with
different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. You say that you realize that
''this is a lot to ask'' and it is, but I can answer you although I will do it
privately because it may be a little much and I don't know if the list server
will be able to print it for the benefit of other members.

But one thing I would like to mention is that I sent two diferent mails to the
list concerning two totally different issues and somehow along the way these two
separate issues have become one. The two issues was parents ability or
willingness to be participants in their children's education and the other was
bi-lingual education. Although I agree that the two can be co-related it made
the issue much broader a a little more complex. It also gave room to incite a
great deal of criticism, which is okay...


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