ACLU Equity Lawsuit in California

From: John Lindner (
Date: Fri Aug 06 1999 - 20:48:32 EDT

School Equity Fight Gets 'Smarter'
>FromThe Christian Science Monitor: August 3.
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Students at the predominately white Beverly Hills High School can take as many
as 14 advanced placement classes--high-level courses that the University of
California weighs more heavily. Mostly minority Inglewood offers only three.
Because of this discrepancy, an Inglewood High student is suing the state of
California in the first legal action of its kind in the nation. The lawsuit
symbolizes a new approach in the way minorities are fighting to enforce equity
in US schools. Instead of concentrating primarily on desegregation and
affirmative action--programs in retreat in the courts and many cities across the
country---minority groups are now focusing more on curriculum to redress
historic inequities.

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