Cultural Audits

Date: Tue Aug 10 1999 - 11:09:59 EDT


In "Using Cultural Audits as Tools for Change," one of this
month's articles in "Counseling Today," authors Michael Dandrea,
Judy Daniels, and Patricia Arredondo discuss the ways in which
"cultural audits" contribute to an organization's commitment to
diversity and multiculturalism. A cultural audit is a tool for
assessing an organization's policies and practices, particularly
with respect to diversity. The authors propose a four-part audit

 - evaluating the environment or physical setting
 - evaluating policies
 - generating data through semi-structured interviews with school
 - generating data through a school-wide survey

A case study audit conducted within a linguistically, culturally,
and socio-economically diverse secondary school of approximately
1,000 students is used to illustrate the effectiveness of this
approach. The audit uncovered cultural conflicts occurring within
the school, precipitants in these conflicts, and potential
methods of promoting more positive cultural interactions.

The authors conclude that the cultural diversification of the
U.S. is calling for a greater need for such audits, and for
school counselors who are culturally competent and
"organizational strategists," aware of organizational processes
and interventions to promote greater student efficacy, and the
special demands of a multicultural society.

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["Using Cultural Audits as Tools for Change," "Counseling Today,"
August, 1999]

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