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Thank you so much for recommending this article. Lots of food for
thought, and I can't say I disagree with any of it, as far as it goes.
I came from early childhood education, and have long thought that males at
that early age need a lot more role models close at hand than they are now
getting. At the same time, and the article did not go down this path at
all, the few males that do go into early childhood or elementry ed, are
often seen as highly suspect. There is almost an unspoken
homophobia that is connected to nontradtional career choices, especially
for males. So we can add that to the catch-22 list.

And one final thought about encouraging men to prepare for
nontraditional occupations: the salary potential in most traditionally
female occupations is so appallingly low, that it is difficult to
encourage anyone without a trust fund to make the financial sacrifices
that choice entails.

Barriers aside, if we could employ far more men in occupations that
educate young children with the full measure of occupational acceptance
they deserve, I think both young boys and young girls would benefit.
Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii

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