Family Science

From: Joy Wallace (
Date: Wed Aug 11 1999 - 14:36:30 EDT

Dear Friends,
You won't believe this!! I am sitting here with my Family Science book in
my lap! IT IS REALLY HERE!!! Everything inside the book looks very
familiar and the artwork is beautiful.

I am disappointed that the book emphasizes holding a "Family Science
Event", and not a series of classes/workshops for families. Relationships
with adult family members are not developed through an event, but I guess
an event is better than nothing. And a book is better than none!

If you have ordered Family Science books in the past, you should be
receiving a letter from Amy at David Heil and Asso. confirming you order.
If you want to check on past orders, call Amy at 503-245-2102.

If you want to order Family Science books, call Amy or FAX a Purchase
Order to 503-245-2628. She will accept PO and check orders, but not credit
card orders. Family Science costs $23.95 plus shipping and handling.

Joy Wallace

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