RE 4: References on ethnicity and socioeconomics

From: Dempsey or Brown (
Date: Thu Aug 12 1999 - 16:52:01 EDT

Well worth adding to the list is last year's addition from
Ruby Payne called A Framework for Understanding Poverty.
 The paperback offers insights into poverty that I have not
seen so concisely presented elsewhere and much of value in
understanding the institutional tendency (white, middle
class) to classify kids into SPED classes and the tracking
inherent in such labels. I consider Payne's book to be
ahead of many just because it is a "quick read." After the
first reading it becomes a reference with a value even in
the least productive week because of the extensive
synthesis of much of what I "already knew."

Payne, Ruby K. (1998). A Framework for Understanding Poverty;
RFT Publishing Co.

Herb Dempsey

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