NRLC 2000 El Paso Energy Fellowship

Date: Fri Aug 13 1999 - 13:33:36 EDT

The Natural Resources Law Center at the University of
Colorado School of Law announces the availability of the El
Paso Energy Corporation Law Fellowship for Spring, 2000. We
invite your application for the fellowship or would
appreciate if you would make the following information
available to your colleagues/employees/constituents (via
mail, email, web site, newsletter, calendar listing,
bulletin board, public service announcement, etc.) as a
public service to the Center.

The Natural Resources Law Center
University of Colorado School of Law
invites applications for the

El Paso Energy Corporation Law Fellowship
Spring Semester 2000  Fellowship Award: $25,000

The Natural Resources Law Center of the University of
Colorado School of Law is pleased to invite applications for
the El Paso Energy Corporation Law Fellowship for the Spring
semester (January- May), 2000. Funding for this fellowship
is provided by a grant from the El Paso Energy Foundation.

The El Paso Energy Corporation Law Fellow will spend a
semester in residence at the School of Law, researching a
topic concerning oil and gas, minerals, energy, or related
public land law. Emphasis is on legal research, but
applicants from law- related disciplines, such as economics,
engineering or the social sciences, will also be considered.
While in residence, the Fellow will participate in
activities of the law school and the Center, and will have
an opportunity to exchange ideas with faculty and students
in both formal and informal sessions. The Fellow is
expected to produce written work suitable for publication in
a professional journal and organize/present at least two
lectures on his/her research.

Criteria for evaluation of proposals include the applicant's
professional and educational qualifications and demonstrated
writing ability; importance and relevance of the proposed
topic to the field; and the likelihood of producing written
work that leads to better understanding of issues and
improved practice or policy in the field.

Candidates may be from business, government, legal practice
or universities. A stipend of $25,000 is available for the
semester, along with administrative and part-time research

The School of Law offers office space, use of all University
libraries and other facilities, and participation in Natural
Resources Law Center programs. In Boulder, the Fellow will
be in close proximity to other natural resource entities
both within and outside the University, and others
performing research in the energy and natural resources

Candidates should submit a proposal in the form of a letter
or statement describing the candidate's proposed research
project, along with a resume. One or more (a maximum of
three) letters of support may be submitted directly.
Applications and letters should be submitted to:

     Kathryn Mutz, Natural Resources Law Center, Campus
     Box 401, Boulder, CO 80309-0401 on or before
     August 31, 1999. Kathryn can also be reached at
     (303) 492-1293, (303) 492-1297 (Fax), or

In addition to the El Paso Energy Corporation Law
Fellowship, the Center invites on an ongoing basis
applications for fellowships without stipends in all areas
of natural resources law and policy. Please apply in the
same manner.

The Natural Resources Law Center was founded at the
University of Colorado School of Law in 1982. The Center
seeks to improve the understanding of natural resource
issues and policies through research and educational
programs. Through its visiting fellows program, an integral
part of that effort, the Center has hosted over 40 fellows
to study various natural resources law topics. Some of the
previous El Paso Energy Corporation sponsored fellows are as

   * Robert Frodeman, professor, University of Tennessee,
     Chattanooga, Understanding Acid Mine Drainage (Spring
   * Joyce Colson-Quinn, attorney Colson-Quinn, Boulder,
     Colorado, Federal Royalty Valuation of Oil and Gas
     (Spring 1998).
   * Gary Bryner, professor, Political Science Department,
     Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, Mineral
     Development on Public Lands with Special Protective
     Status (Spring 1997).
   * Andrew Mergen, attorney, U.S. Department of Justice,
     Washington, DC, Problems of Federal-Private Split
     Mineral Estates (Spring 1996).
   * Elizabeth Pendley, attorney, KN Energy, Denver,
     Colorado, Implications of FERC Order No. 636 for the
     Natural Gas Industry (Spring 1995).
   * Elizabeth McClanahan, attorney, Penn Stuart, Eskridge &
     Jones, Abingdon, Virginia, Coalbed Methane Ownership,
     Rights and Liabilities (Spring 1994).
   * James Colosky, attorney, Clanahan, Tanner, Downing &
     Knowlton, Denver, Colorado, Implied Covenants in Oil
     and Gas Leases (Fall 1992).
   * Kaleen Cottingham, Director, Washington Department of
     Natural Resources, Political Dimensions of Cooperative
     Natural Resources Disputes Resolution (Fall 1991).

Center Advisory Board: Don Ament, John W. Firor, David L.
Harrison, Richard L. Knight, Tracy Labin, Penny Hall Lewis,
Daniel F. Luecke, Clyde O. Martz, Rosalind McClellan, Peggy
E. Montaņo, Ann Morgan, Clayton J. Parr, David P. Phillips,
Lori Potter, William Riebsame, Lee Rozaklis, John M. Sayre,
Eleanor Towns, Britton White, Jr., Christopher Wirth,
Timothy E. Wirth, Marvin Wolf.

School of Law Advisors: Dean Harold H. Bruff, Professors
James N. Corbridge, David H. Getches, Charles F. Wilkinson.

Center Interim Director: Kathryn M. Mutz.

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