Re: Emotional 'miseducation' of boys

From: jmad (
Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 16:48:26 EDT

Hi C ~
I totally agree that schools are basically anti-children....
and the whole commercial country is too.

I've written most of a book and the book proposal and query.
The book is called Violence and American Public Schools: A Primer For Safety. I
started it before Springfield's mass school shooting - of Spring 1998.

I've been in Education for over 20 years. Anyway, it's amazing getting rejection
letters back from agents - telling me it is not of interest or not of
"championship". Like who cares. It is an expose, field study. Real school
episodes, demonstrating prejudice and domination across the generations in the
schools. I've got my heart and soul in it. Now researching small presses and a
few larger publishers to query them directly - although most of them reject most
of their inquiries.
You wouldn't happen to have a resource would you?

Thanks for your outspoken-ness, keep it up.

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