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Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 16:39:05 EDT

Thanks Herb, for the insightful history on the oppression of children.
I guess the scariest part of all this is: The price society pays for the fact
that people are raised and educated primarily to fit these marketable needs is
people killing people. People, especially men, are killing on all levels of
society, in homes, restaurants, schools, workplaces and war-sites. The trickle
down affect is kids killing in and around schools.
In our schools stressed out kids kill because they are fed up with
the whole of social dysfunction through oppressive, dominating school
cultures, unhealthy media hype in all different directions, poor family
communications, and general alienation in our society.
The example of the day is: Some students drew swatsaka's at
Columbine High since just reopening this week. The administration
responds with how they are going to be punished when caught. Punishment
will never get us what we need. These kids need emotional health and equality
education. So do the adults. When the principal gave his opening speech this
week he said, "We aren't going to tolerate any prejudices etc."
Well, tolerance is what we need, not of prejudice, but for children
and anyone who expresses stress. When we're stressed we need concern, support,
understanding and direction. Educating children only academically and
reinforcing any other activity with punishment is creating trouble.
People need holistic skills of being in the world. Emotional health is a birth
right and requires nurturance and guidance in the early years.
The whole society, even the world, is sputtering, gagging, detonating
all because power-elite leadership is out for control and the buck.
The parents and the conscious educator must take a stand for holistic education
for the sake of each and everyone of us. Sure, we need reading. I love it. And
writing. So incredible. And, just as important, we need each other.
There is a place in each of us that can take that noble stand, extend a bridge
across to others, anytime, always. I challenge all leaders to do just that.
Corporate elites have the responsibility when lobbying congress to pay for the
health of people, not just for marketable skills. Educators have the
responsibility to know the individual child is more important than the
marketability of them. Parents have the right to be in the schools, to seek
equality for their children, to seek educational action regarding peer to peer
mis-communications. Our pay for it after the fact system is dysfunctional.
What has me really curious and amazed these days is how the schools
all of a sudden are able to pay for survelliance cameras, metal
detectors and police on campus, when they NEVER have any money to do
art, shop, have counselors, nurses etc. I could go on.
In Peace
JeanMarie DeSpain, M.S.
Education Ideals

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