Re 12: Parent Involvement

Date: Sat Aug 21 1999 - 19:25:59 EDT

Hi Sue,
This is a good discussion. As a teacher, I always wished parents
would get more involved. Some did and they were a big help. I was not a
very good parent myself when it came to involvement in their school. I felt I
was educating other people's children and someone should do it for mine. I look
back and feel I could have been more involved even though I was working full
time. It is true that many parents cannot be. It is also true but very sad
that some schools do not want parents involved. I do believe that those
children whose parents do become involved are very lucky and their classmates
benefit as well.

Eric's (oh dear, I've temporarily forgotten his last name) story of the two
Native American parents who came to school and sat in the chairs of honor,
making a great deal of difference in the students' attitudes, comes to mind. I
urge families to be as involved as they can be and to send their friends or
relatives or whomever when they can't. It is not always possible. Yes, let's
be kind. Also let's encourage. See you in


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