RE 10: Wrestling with equality

From: Dempsey or Brown (
Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 11:58:35 EDT

Whoa! Peggy wrote," OCR...said...they consider soccer on a
case-by-case basis as to whether it is considered a contact
sport." Let me be sure I understand this. 1.) We are in
the United States. 2.) Soccer is one of the most carefully
controlled sports in the world and has one of the most
rigid and inflexible sets of rules enforced by one of the
most standardized groups of officials. 3.) and OCR is
defining soccer one case at a time?? What is wrong with
this picture?

I know we are in the U.S. because I looked at a map. I know
soccer is controlled because I once filed a complaint when
a school district forced freezing girls to play in freezing
temperatures in driving sleet because the soccer officials
association demanded a specific uniform. (The local
district had disbanded gymnastics as a winter indoor sport
for girls and added outdoor soccer as a replacement and the
uniform standards were designed to keep the players cool.)
and now I am told that OCR re-classifies soccer each time
it appears in a complaint. I am beginning to understand
why my colleagues giggle and smirk when "OCR" and "gender
equity" appear in the same line.

Herb Dempsey

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