Call for E-Mentors

Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 16:31:51 EDT

Call for E-Mentors
1999-2000 Program Year

MentorNet is seeking professionals working in industry to mentor women
engineering and science students on-line! We need at least 1,000 mentors this
fall for the second year of a national program, who will be paired with students
from approximately 35 colleges and universities across the country.

Would you like to mentor and to share your experiences with a student? Help her
understand what it is like to work in industry? Provide support as a woman
student pursues an engineering or science degree?

In today's U.S. workforce, women are just over 9% of the engineers and
approximately 30% of the scientists. Women students earn 17% of engineering,
32% of physical sciences, and 41% of all science and math
degrees. Mentoring is a proven strategy for increasing the retention rates of
women in engineering, mathematics, and science fields.

MentorNet is a national program that pairs women students with mentors in
industry, and provides a framework and training for them to pursue a year-long
mentoring relationship through email.

Basic requirements for volunteering as a MentorNet mentor:
* male or female professional with scientific or technical background
* working in private industry or at a government agency or national
* willingness to mentor an undergraduate or a graduate student via
* available to participate for one academic year (October through May)

To sign up as a mentor, please visit the MentorNet homepage and click on
"Mentor," then click on "Apply Here." You can sign up for the 1999-2000 program
through October 8, 1999.

For more information about mentoring, please visit the MentorNet web
site at:

Carol B. Muller, Ph.D.
Executive Director
c/o College of Engineering
San Josť State University
One Washington Square
San Josť, CA 95192-0080
FAX:  408-924-4069

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