Seoul International Conference

Date: Wed Aug 25 1999 - 11:56:04 EDT

Seoul International Conference of NGOs 1999
- Inspire, Empower, Act! -

Dear friends,
We would like to draw your attention to the 1999 Seoul International
Conference of NGOs entitled, "The Role of NGOs in the 21st Century:
Inspire, Empower, and Act!", which will provide an impetus to
strengthening global network and solidarity among NGOs in meeting
the challenges of a new era.
The goals of the Conference are to assess commitments made by governments
at recent UN world conferences, to advocate fulfillment of these
commitments, to engage in policy dialogue with the United Nations and
Government agencies, and to enhance communication and collaboration
among national, regional and international NGOs, to build networks for
more effective implementation of NGO activities in support of the world
conference recommendations, to provide an opportunity for NGOs to
exchange experiences and seeks common and concrete measures for
self-empowerment and alliance-building.
So far, more than 500 organizations have expressed their willingness to
participate. As of July, the United Nations, UN agencies and international
Organizations including ILO, UNCTAD, UNEP, UNESCO, UNIFEM have endorsed
the Seoul Conference. A Nobel Laureate and President of Green Cross
International Mikhail Gorbachev, Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson,
and several high-ranking officers of the United Nations will join the

In addition, featured speakers for Plenaries including Deputy Executive
Director of UNICEF Stephen Lewis, Representative of the International
Criminal Court, Clarence Dias, Professor of Yale University, Wendell Bell,
the President of the International Association of Educators for World
Peace Charles Mercieca, Chairman of the World View International
Foundation, Dr. Steiner Opstad, and the Secretary-General of
CIVICUS Kumi Naidoo have already confirmed their participation.
There will be 120 to 150 group sessions for 11 thematic areas. The
opportunities are open to all organizations which are willing to organize
a group session or serve as a speaker/panelist. We are encouraging
organizations to participate in varied group sessions, cultural
performance, and exhibition which will be the main events of the
Conference. Please refer to the Website of the Seoul Conference at for more detailed information.
Enclosed are additional informations and a registration form which include
all the relevant information on scheduling, accommodations, incentive
packages and traveling.
We look forward to your participation and wish your organization prosperity
and many blessings in your noble endeavors.
Sincerely yours,
The Korea Organizing Committee

<Overall Information of the Seoul Conference>

          The 1999 Seoul International Conference of NGOs
Overall Theme : The Role of NGOs in the 21st Century - Inspire, Empower, Act! -

Date : October 10-15, 1999
Venue : Olympic Park, Seoul, Korea
- The Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in Consultative
Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO)
- The Executive Committee of the NGOs Associated with the Department
  of Public Information of the United Nations (NGO/DPI Executive Committee)
- Global Cooperation Society (GCS) International /Kyung Hee University, Seoul,


         Dr. Young Seek Choue
            - Founder and Chancellor of Kyung Hee University
            - President of the GCS International
         Dr. Elaine Valdov (Chair of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee)
         Dr. Afaf Mahfouz (President of the CONGO)

Estimated Number of Participants : 3000 - 5000 persons

It is said that the 21st Century will be an NGO era, marked by
widespread civic involvement in all phases of work on behalf of the
human family and the United Nations endeavors - human rights, sustainable
development, the well-being of children, gender equality, peace and
security, among them. In particular, NGOs will serve as vital partners
of the United Nations and its member governments in implementing the pledges
made at global world conferences of the 1990s.
It is crucial that the broadest segment of the NGO community be
represented at this historic and important conference at the threshold
of the new century. In addition to the goal of following promises
made over the past decade, the Conference will offer opportunities for
NGOs to reflect together on their successes and challenges and to plan
strategies for future action.

This Conference will also provide a vital forum for reflection over
humanity's common values, ideals and goals at the threshold of the
New Millennium.

The primary goals of the conference are :

1) To assess commitments made by governments at recent UN world conferences;

 The 1990 World Summit for Children (New York)
 The 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro)
 The 1993 World Conference on Human Rights (Vienna)
 The 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (Cairo)
 The 1995 Summit on Social Development (Copenhagen)
 The 1995 World Conference on Women (Beijing)
 The 1996 Conference on Human Settlements (Istanbul)
 The 1996 World Food Summit(Rome)

2) To advocate fulfillment of these commitments ;

3) To engage in policy dialogue with the United Nations and government
   agencies, with an opportunity for enhanced communications and
   collaborations among a diverse grouping of NGOs ;

4) To build networks for more effective implementation of NGO activities
   in support of the world conference recommendations, to provide.

* Thematic Areas
                Peace and Security
                Environment and Human Settlement
                Education for All
                Ethics and Values
                Human Rights
                Economic and Social Justice and Development
                Gender Equality
                Youth and Children
                Public Health, Reproductive Health and Mental Health
                Productive Aging
                Empowering NGOs

For more detailed information and registration, please contact the Secretariat
of the Conference.
       Korea Organizing Committee
       Wonseo Building Room 305
       Wonseo Dong, Jongno Gu,
       Seoul, 110-280, Korea
       Tel. 82-2-762-2323 Fax. 762-9833
       E-mail :
       Internet :

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