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Order now Girls Count's newest publicaiton:

Parenting Our Daughters: for parents and other caring adults.
by Judy Gordon for Girls Count
A Resource That Helps Adults Help Girls Develop Into
Resilient and Successful Women
ISBN 1-929573-00-6

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Girls Count's services include training materials to educate
adults working with girls-counselors, school-to-career
partners, parents, teachers, community organization staffs
and other target audiences. Over the years, the Parenting
Our Daughters curriculum has evolved as the signature piece
resource developed by the organization. Compiled initially
by Nicky Marone-nationally recognized writer of the titles
How To Mother A Successful Daughter and How To Father A
Successful Daughter-the publication pulls together some of
the best and current research regarding issues that impact
girls' self-esteem, mastery of academic skills such as
science and math, and overall personal development. The
revision of Parenting Our Daughters by Judy Gordon, Girls
Count's founding program director, will be available to the
public by September 15.

This 1999 version of Parenting Our Daughters promises to be
the most exciting and well-received resource produced by
Girls Count to date. To meet the needs of any adult working
with youth-whether they are participating in a Girls Count
training or not-this 1999 publication is a stand-alone
"must-have" resource to help develop resiliency skills and
personal development of girls. Judy has thoughtfully taken
into consideration feedback from parents and other adults of
diverse backgrounds and new research, and coupled all of it
with her own nationally recognized expertise to create a
resource that helps adults help girls mature into resilient
and successful women. Sections such as "Avoiding Killer
Statements and Discounting", "Parenting Strong From A
Father's Perspective", and "Supporting Risk-Taking" to
"Girls Growing Strong Culturally" deal with the challenges
and opportunities girls and the adults in their lives face
today. It is intended that circulation of the publication
will be in the thousands nation-wide, both through marketing
to groups such as Girls Inc., and Girls Scouts, as well as
parents who simply want the publication for their own use.
Following the release of this revised version of Parenting
Our Daughters, the publication will be adapted and
translated for use by Spanish-speaking populations.
What the experts are saying:

Three cheers for Parenting Our Daughters! A must read for
parents, girl-advocates and others who care about and work
with girls. A resource for the new millenium.offering
concrete strategies to transform our partnership with girls.
The "Dr. Spock" guide for raising healthy girls! Girl's Best
Friend Foundation wholeheartedly endorses this important and
critical compilation of knowledge about girls' development
and candid advice to ensure girls' strength, resilience and
Betsy Brill, Executive Director, Girls' Best Friend
Foundation and Independent Consultant (Chicago)

Living beyond our "pink" stereotypes for girls is one of the
greatest challenges we face as adults who work with them.
Girls possess great strength and great potential. Those of
us who work with girls every day must enlist the support and
education of all adults who work with them, who teach them,
who parent them so that they can reach this potential
without being pigeonholed and having extraneous obstacles to
overcome. Parenting Our Daughters does just that. It
enlivens the discussion of girls, it makes us partners with
parents in taking off our 'pink-colored' glasses, and
teaches us how to help them be self-sufficient, independent,
confident and female.
Rebecca Richardson, Executive Director, Girls Inc. Metro
Denver (Denver)

Parenting Our Daughters is a terrific introduction to all
the issues that affect girls today. This publication says:
"Let's look at success and redefine it for girls-which
they're in the process of doing themselves!" Maybe that's
what the girl movement is all about.
Amy Lynch, Editor, national "Daughters" newsletter

Each person who helps "raise" a girl can help to keep her
strong and healthy. Parenting Our Daughters provides a clear
set of tools that tells how to do just that. Our lives are
really the books girls read.we count. That's why it is
important that we know as much as possible about how to make
all our daughters count. This book is a good start.
Marie C. Wilson, President, Ms. Foundation for Women (New
York City)

Every girl needs adults who really care about her. And those
adults need Parenting Our Daughters. With this great
resource in hand, parents and other adults who care about
girls will be able to start the journey to providing girls
with the understanding and support they need. Read it today
and tomorrow and the next day!
Nancy Gruver, President, New Moon Publishing (Duluth)

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