Re 7: Emotional 'miseducation' of boys

From: lizlansing (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 20:43:57 EDT

American Psychological Association website discusses emotional
'miseducation' of boys

I finally got around to reading the article recommended by John Linder. I
think it is a real break through that psycholgists are finally taking a look in
this way at how sex role stereotyping hurts males.

I recall that from day one when Title IX was instituted research about the
effects of sex role stereotyping of both males and females was discussed.
Training involved learning about distinctions between sex discrimination, sex
role stereotyping and sex bias - all terms we all know now. It was pointed out
that the effects of sex role stereotyping hurt all - often summing up by saying
that it hurt females the most economically and males most psychologically - a
rough generalization, but research supported it.
Sex discrimination, addressed by Title IX, was seen to deal mainly with females,
who were truly discriminated against in education at all levels. (I recall the
excellent work by Amanda Smith, does any one know of her?)

Now some may fear that more emphasis on males will hurt females. One never
knows with a social movement what will happen in the hands of society at large.
Feminists concepts have often been distorted in ways never anticipated - the
neglect of boys being one. It has taken a long time to convince people as a
whole that there is a problem, all the while it is escalating.

I am concerned that in addressing this problem people may go down the path
of further sex segregation with the intent of helping boys - a mistake,
imho, made by some in addressing girls' needs. As a rule of thumb, I
believe any program that is designed to help only one sex is probably not
going to get us where we want to go, whether a trade and industry program or a
pull-out math class.

We must have courage and assist this effort and hope that the new concern
for the emotional life of boys will lead to emotionally, physically and
spiritually stronger, happier, healthier boys and men. How women long for
more such men in their lives.

This would be a true advancement to celebrate on some future Women's
Equality Day!


> An article on the American Psychological Associaton website might be of
> interest to people on this list:
> It's titled "Boys to men: emotional miseducation" and includes information on
some recent research.

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