Run Like a Girl on PBS

Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 09:18:37 EDT

Run Like A Girl

Independent film maker Carol Cassidy created a film, "Run Like A Girl," which
looks at the lives of adolescent girls who participate in sports ranging from
synchronized swimming to rugby. It explores how the
girls became involved in sports, the perceptions of their sports and the
girls who play them, unfair treatment they have encountered, and how sports
have affected their lives. It is one part of a three-part series that takes an
in-depth look at the lives of girls in America.

The series is currently fighting for airtime on public television stations
throughout the United States. Initially, public television executives declined
to show the series, claiming there was not an audience for programs about girls.
Some stations are changing their positions because people are calling and
requesting the series be aired in their area. The public television stations
airing the show will be doing so during the fall of 1999.

Please call your local public television affiliates to ask when they are
planning to show the series.

Susan Carter,

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