Re: African Americans in Education Conference

Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 10:39:35 EDT


This is a quick note in reference to a copy of an announcement about this
conference. In looking over the topics for the conference, I was suprised to
see that there was no mention of issues related to testing and its impact upon
African American students.

Without creating an exhaustive list, some of the issues that are currently of
concern include: state standards-based reform movements that rely on high stakes
standardized test to measure student and school performance and their profound
impact on students and schools; the increasing disparagement of affirmative
action and the move by states and colleges to remove racial
factors in admissions considerations, and the subsequent emphasis on SAT and
other test scores; the bias of the SAT and disproportionate impact of using SAT
scores for college admissions decisions and recent ETS study
acknowledging that SAT's do not test all students equivalently.

I would be available to discuss how FairTest might assist in helping
conference attendees engage in these issues. If you are interested, you can
return email me or call at 617 864-4810.

Good luck with your conference!

Karen Hartke
Project Director

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