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From: Sharon Hushka (sharynh@earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Sep 10 1999 - 15:01:28 EDT

Education Equity participants

I just heard about the proposed launching of Oxygen Media's (
http://www.oxygen.com )cable network (by former Nickelodeon executive
Geraldine Laybourne) targeting a female audience. It would be nice if
they paid attention to the serious issues womyn must confront in their
day-to-day lives. Perhaps some of you would like to make suggestions to
them about what their programming content should include. Posted below
is the note I sent to them.

Sharon Hushka

Oxygen Media, Inc. contactus@oxygen.com

How exciting that a network is being launched directed toward a female
audience. I'm writing because I hope you will be bold enough to address
tough issues, such as politics, violence against women, rape,
discriminination, homophobia, etc. I also hope that you provide coverage
of girls and women in sports.

Every thing that happens in life is experienced differently by each of
us. Your intention to cover issues geared toward capturing a woman's
interest, you must include more than make-overs and other propaganda
that constantly tells women they need fixing. Each woman is beautiful,
strong, and intelligent in her own way. Show that you respect the woman
in every woman, just as she is.

Thank you for listening. May you be guided by enlightenment and a bold

Sharon Hushka

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