Re 7: Misogynistic ad?

From: jmad (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 11:14:34 EDT

As a teacher for twenty years I have heard girls and boys say they hate each
other on a regular basis. It comes across as a general, "Yuck." The total lack
of essential respect building for individuals in the schools contributes to this
stance, as well, of course, the total mis-education (perversion) by society (
ie., accepted media portrayals)of humans sexual identity.

Friendship, most needed - is ignored and overridden by inequity, competition and
confused emotions. These negative contributions to
development by the Domination Paradigm, which we all have been mis-indoctrinated
with, are the roots to social dysfunction, making it very difficult for the
humans to get along well. Thus, the 67% of divorces, abuse and violence in the
long run.

J.M. DeSpain, M.S.
Educational Ideals

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