Run Like a Girl

Date: Mon Sep 13 1999 - 16:33:40 EDT

I've spoken to PBS in Washington. They are selling the package to stations as a
"PBS Plus" segment - perhaps that information will be helpful if a program
director at a single station isn't already aware of it. They expect it will be
picked up for November on most of the stations that will carry it, but can't
give a list of all stations/times/dates because those decisions are made

If you do find out if a station is planning to air the series it might
be helpful to post it here, with the station call letters in the subject line
(so edequity members outside the viewing area can delete without opening if they
want to).

I am also in touch with the film makers, and am asking them for a segment by
segment series description which I will post as soon as I recieve it.

Paula Fleming
Marketing Communications Director
WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC

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