Re 8: Misogynistic ad?

Date: Sat Sep 11 1999 - 12:46:42 EDT

I think that you make excellent points regarding this subject. But I have to
disagree some what in attributting this pecular feeling that both boys and girls
have to say that they hate one another. I have raised my daughter very well I
believe when it comes to educating her in all matters of prejudism, racism and
gender biases. Nonetheless her feelings about ''hating boys'' have more to do
with feeling embarrassed and awkward in front of them than anything else. Most
of her friends her age and younger 11 and 12 are very much ''into boys'' and
there is hardly anything these girls appear to hate about the opposite sex which
is a cause of concern to some of the mothers I know... They often tell me
jokingly "I wish my daughter hated boys a little''!!!! So right now she is not
yet into boys and blushes easily around them and even though I wished her choice
of words was a bit different I understand that she means no harm by saying how
much she dislikes boys right now.


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