Re 9: Emotional 'miseducation'

Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 11:10:03 EDT

One of the most pressing problems regarding the violence in schools and
society in general here in the USA (not to even mention the world) is the
lack of curriculum that can teach a less prejudiced less violent and less
gender biased view of the world. Right now we are starting our fight(again)
to bring this to the our school district attention. It was bad 3 years ago
when our daughter was in the third grade but her History and Social Studies
curriculum this year is 10 times worst!!! Her new $95 textbooks have more
than half its 878 pages dedicated to war, less than 20 pages to women, 10 to
Black history, 9 to Jewish history and the rest, along with half the content,
its to men and men related issues.

We are meeting with the Director of Curriculum this friday and we hope to make
some points clear including giving our daughter an alternative source of
study...we have no idea how its going to go but the point is that this
curriculums are clearly discriminatory and its time we push hard to change it.

One of the women ''included'' is Pocahontas. She gets as much atttention as
Susan B. Anthony. This is a total insult.

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