RUN Like a Girl and Smile Pretty

Date: Mon Sep 20 1999 - 10:20:00 EDT

Here's the info from the filmmakers.

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Subject: RUN/SMILE
Author: (Pamela Calvert)
Date: 9/17/99 8:26 AM

Thanks again for your enthusiasm about RUN LIKE A GIRL and SMILE PRETTY,
both of which will come to public television stations starting this
November. Here is a little information about the series:

RUN LIKE A GIRL and SMILE PRETTY (2x60; Documentary) Produced and directed
by Carol Cassidy.

At nine and ten, they're skipping, grinning little girls--rough and ready.
By 15, they're sullen, submissive, quiet; convinced they're awkward, ugly
and fat. What happens to our girls? This two-part series listens to the
secret, heart-wrenching, sometimes hilarious true stories of American
girls. RUN LIKE A GIRL explores how teenage athletes try to find a balance
between strength and femininity within a society where girls are expected
to be docile, delicate and compliant. SMILE PRETTY asks what would-be
teenage beauty queens have to gain from competing in pageants and what
these rituals tell us about growing up female.

We are developing an outreach and education campaign for these shows,
since they are a terrific resource for girls and those who love them. We
want to be sure that these shows are seen and -used-. We have tune-in
postcards and discussion leader's guides; these are available free to any
groups or schools in unlimited quantities. We can also send out preview
tapes before November to groups to use in developing awareness for local
broadcast, and to use the broadcast to support their initiatives and
programs; tapes can also be purchase through Films for the Humanities,
800/257-5126. We would be happy to discuss opportunities to screen either
or both hours of the series at meetings and conferences, with or without
the filmmaker present.

Each station will have a separate airdate for these shows, starting in
November; you will be able to look up schedule information on our website,, starting in early October. This information is updated
weekly, so if you do not see your local station there, check back in a
week or so. We also provide you with ways to email your station directly
through our website.

I think that covers all the main points; if you have any questions or
would like to discuss using the broadcast in your communities; please
contact the outreach campaign coordinator:
Susi Walsh

Pamela Calvert
Stations Relations and Outreach Manager, ITVS
415/356-8383 x 242

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