Re 8: Curriculum

Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 12:09:03 EDT

Well for one thing for what I understand from public readings and even from
the Women's Enciclopedia, Pocahontas appears to be a little ''dubious'' in
terms of what it is that she really did contribute to history. It is known
with some ''certainty'' that perhaps she was responsable for ''saving and
then marrying a white man'' ....(which I guess is enough of an accomplishment
for the white male establishment). I also read in the Women's Enciclopedia an
account that sounds very much like rape to me because she was kidnapped and held
by another white man for a while. For what I understand this is ALL in terms of
who she was and did.

Not much to be compared to to Susan B. Anthony or any of those other women.

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