Pocahontas clarification

From: edebassi@mcrel.org
Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 12:10:21 EDT

Thank you for the clarification.

I do not agree that Pocahontas, especially the innacurate legend of, is an
adequate representative for women of color. However, if she is the only one, I
would almost rather see her than none at all.

We must keep in mind that while we promote women, in general, it is very
necessary to not exclude people of color. In fact, if we were to complain about
a biased curriculum, I would think that people of color may have had the most
misrepresentations or feelings of exclusion. If Susan B. Anthony had six lines,
how many did Dorothy Dandrige, Chief Wilma Mankiller, Ceasar Chavez, etc. have
to the accomplishments and contributions they made?

I guess I would just want people, in their pursuit of equitable curriculum, to
see that equity is not a concept born in exclusivity. It is difficult to always
think of the "other" but it is our responsibility as adults to take this extra
mile...the end the rewards could be incredibly wonderful.


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