Women in Design Exhibit, 4th Annual

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Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 11:37:43 EDT

Fourth Annual Women in Design Exhibit

This notice is intended as both a call for entries and an invitation to
the Fourth Annual Women in Design Exhibit.
Thank you.

Call for entries. The Fourth Annual Women in Design Exhibit at the
Department of Design and Industry, San Francisco State University, November
11-18, 1999.

"One Decisive Moment" - a display of designers' creative process, specifically
the moment of clarity preceding her final solution. The exhibit is open to all
women. All media will be considered. There is no fee for submission. The
deadline for submissions is October 15, 1999.

Please include: slides (for still work), MAC-formatted zip disks (for
interactive or animated work) or URLs (for web site design), information about
your submission (title, size, media type and requirements for exhibition), a
brief description of the exact decisive moment embodied in each piece you

Mail submissions to: Attn: Stephanie Gasser and Ce Ce Iandoli.
San Francisco State University, Department of Design and Industry, Women in
Design Exhibit, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132.

For more information: womwnindesign@hotmail.com

Why the exhibit is important and cool. The Michaels are still ascendant;
the Marias are mostly incognito. And women are still only making 72% of what men
earn. Moreover, this show provides a place to share your talent and inspiration
with fellow women designers.

For the past three years we have had to actively solicit work for the
exhibit; each year we have been surprised at each designer's personal
reticence at submitting her work. We hope this year, you'll feel easy
about offering up a piece to the exhibit and excited about celebrating
the work of female designers.

Stephanie Gasser <sgmgasser@hotmail.com>

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