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Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 15:57:06 EDT

Your effort and persistence are without a doubt totally right on, courageous and
important hands on work which is needed nationally school by school, albiet,
classroom by classroom from concerned, inquisitive, protective parents like

I discovered while being a teacher that there are no standards for equality
which districts require themselves to be held accountable too. In our district,
there are occasional equity workshops but teachers are not expected or required
to attend. It appears to me that as long as teachers are teaching the required
corporate controlled standard curriculum, the rest is left up to individual
style, philosophy, conditioned thinking etc., rather than prioritized,
appropriate, progressive goals of equality needed, being set forth by teams of
educators who care enough to make it happen.

I've heard it said,"You'll never hear discussions about teaching theory in
educators lunch rooms." Harvard scholar, award winning author and New York
ghetto teacher Jonathan Kozol said, "America's education system is

I say that with such neglect and ignorance to the need for equity, emotional
health and positive peer and intergenerational inculturation
within the schools, Mr. Kozol is correct.

Hopefully, someone else on this list can speak up to support systems you can
acquire. My knowledge base focuses on effective educational needs, however
grassroots networking can be to your advantage. Developing a parent support team
could be very advantageous, letters to the editor and a news conference can
shake things up enough to get the school to react appropriately to your
concerns. Can the ACLU help in anyway? Are there other teachers in your
building who may be more conscious? The National Coalition for Education
Activists may be a good resource for
assistance. There e-mail is: Debi Duke is their director.

We certainly need a VISION for education.
Your efforts will help that to happen within this school.
All the best in your endeavors to bring truth to power.

JeanMarie DeSpain, M.S.
Educational Ideals

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