Re 7: Teacher says NO to less biased curriculum...

Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 12:04:02 EDT

Yes, of course, again you are absolutely right !!!!!! In the hallways, in the
auditorium, in most teachers classrooms there are hardly any women pictures
displayed...some, like the english teacher at our school has dared a bit
more....she has her classroom lined up with pictures of flowers... which as we
all know has been psychoanalitically linked to women..

in any case Mr. C's room I believe might be an all school stand out because it
seems so ''macho'' when you look around that if you are a woman you might feel
like crawling under a table and dissapearing (as I felt.) I really could not
help feeling embarrassed and sad when I remembered our daughter's observation
after the first day of school when she said : Mr. C has no women pictures
anywhere and there is a huge one of an eagle and George Washington painted all
across the wall'' ...

Take care,

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