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Date: Fri Sep 24 1999 - 14:41:24 EDT

We are running a series of discussion lists that the World Bank, UN agencies,
and other donors are using to identify "innovative" projects. If you are
conducting a project in one of the areas listed below, it would be worthwhile to
send a brief description of your project to the appropriate list. It's a
greatway to get visibility among a wide range of donors. Furthermore, the Bank
and others will be selecting projects to be presented at various venues. Please
note that we have particular interest in projects in developing countries (and
if the description can come from someone in a developing country, so much the

Instructions on sending a message and/or joining a list are at the bottom of
this email.

The Lists are:

1. Global Knowledge for Devleopment (gkd) - focuses on improving access to and
the use of knowledge for international development. Particular focus is on
information/education/communications technologies and their application in
developing countries. World Bank and others are using this list to identify
projects to be presented at the GKII Conference in Malaysia. (now - March 2000)

The following Lists will feed into the UN Meeting on women's status (March
2000); projects will be selected for presentation to UN

2. End Violence Against Women <end-violence> - This ongoing discussion examines
successful strategies for ending violence against women around the world. (began
October 1998 - through January 2000)

3. End Women's Economic Inequality <women-econ> - Examines economic
opportunities and obstacles women face and the broader issue of economic policy
making. (6 September 1999 - 15 October 1999)

4. Strengthen Women's Role in Environmental Protection <women-enviro>- Discusses
women's role in decision-making processes relating to environmental policies. (6
September 1999 - 15 October 1999)

5. Promote Women in Power and Decision Making <women-power> - Focuses on women's
leadership in national and local centers of power. (6 September 1999 - 15
October 1999)

6. Secure and Promote Women's Health <women-health> - Discusses all aspects of
women's health from a life cycle approach, including reproductive health and
reproductive rights. (6 September 1999 - 15 October 1999)

7. End Women's Poverty <women-poverty> - Examines strategies for addressing the
needs of women in poverty. (11 October 1999 - 19 November 1999)

8. Women and Armed Conflict <women-armdconf> - Focuses on women in situations of
armed conflict, and women's leadership role in resolving those conflicts. (11
October 1999 - 19 November 1999)

9. Achieve Educational Equality <women-edu> - Examines equal access at all
levels of education and the removal of gender discrimination. (11 October 1999 -
19 November 1999)

10. Women and the Media <women-media> - Addresses the role of women in
traditional and electronic media, including the influence of women in content
and development. (8 November 1999 - 17 December 1999)

11. Empower the Girl Child <girl-child> - Discusses ways to empower girls and to
create an enabling environment. (8 November 1999 - 17 December 1999)

12. Claim Women's Human Rights <women-rights> - Discusses the political, social,
economic and cultural rights of women, and the impact of international treaties
on women. (8 November 1999 - 17 December 1999)


Join as many of the Lists as you wish. To join:

1. Send an email message to:


2. Do not put anything in the subject. In the first line of the body
of the message, type:

subscribe [electronic name of working group]

The electronic names of the working groups are:


3. You can subscribe to more than one list in a single email message, but you
MUST put each "subscribe [working group]" on a new line. EXAMPLE: If you wanted
to subscribe to all of the working groups, you would type the following,
beginning on the first line of the message text:

subscribe gkd
subscribe women-economy
subscribe women-enviro
subscribe women-power
subscribe women-health
subscribe women-poverty
subscribe women-armdconf
subscribe women-edu
subscribe women-media
subscribe girl-child
subscribe women-rights

If you have ANY trouble joining, please contact <>.


Send an email message to:

Do not put anything in the subject. In the first line of the body of the
message, type:

subscribe end-violence


Please forward this invitation to anyone who might be interested. We wish to
encourage participation from developing countries and CEE/CIS countries.

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