Re 11: Teacher says NO to less biased curriculum...

Date: Mon Sep 27 1999 - 15:39:09 EDT

Hi, can you explain what heterosexism is? My husband and I just completed
going through the 895 pages of our daughter's Social Studies textbook and
with the help of Susan Carter from WEEA who sent us a very helpful way to
evaluate biases in textbooks we found that out of the 895 pages 63 are the
total amount used to speak about Women's History, Native American History,
Black History, the Civil Rights Movement and the Holocaust. Included in these 63
pages are 11 dedicated to Geography.

468 men are mentioned by name as opposed to only 20 women past and present.
Contemporary Black leaders are 2, Black men 2, Jewish men is 1, Jewish women is
1, Native American males is 1, Female 0. Scientists are 17 male
to 1 female- Art and Literature are 18 male to 2 female ...... there are no
Black women political leaders mentioned at all....

So who says that we have made any progress in the last 100 years ???


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