Re 13: Teacher says NO to less biased curriculum...

Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 15:00:37 EDT

Yes it is a shock but it should no surprise anyone. Last night after
completing the textbook evaluation on my own time and realizing there are 465
men mentioned by name and only 30 women in very brief ways my daughter
decided she was going to look up the names of the presidents wives and yes
something else was added to the ''shock'' I realized that there is not one
single presidential wife mentioned with the exception of Abigal Adams and E.

Roosevelt the two mentioned in their marital I added that
observation at the end of the page. Today I mailed one copy to the director
of Curriculum, Asssitant Supertintendent of Instruction and Tittle 9
Coordinator, the teacher himself and the school principal.


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