Re 6: Sexual Harassment Posters for Elementary Schools????

Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 18:54:08 EDT

I have been off the listserve for a few weeks and just came across this
discussion. Sorry for the delayed response.

You can include the following reference in any listing of resources on
bullying for elementary schools:

McGrath Systems, Inc.
3905 State Street, #7
PMB 211
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

A 7-part video education series entitled "The Early Faces of Violence: From
Schoolyard Bullying and Ridicule to Sexual Harassment" for pre-kindergarten
through 6th grade. The series includes age-appropriate videos for training
students, teachers and staff, administrators, and parents. Produced by Mary
Jo McGrath, Attorney at Law, Chair of the US Dept. of Education Expert Panel on
Safe, Disciplined and Drug Free Schools.
On site training for teachers and staff on how to conduct student training
that will impact the "Culture of Cruelty" pervading our schools.
On site training for site administrators, managers of classified employees,
and Title IX Officers on investigation of rumors and complaints ranging from
sexual harassment and abuse to student to student violence.
In the works: A full curriculum to accompany the "Early Faces of Violence"

Thank you.
Maureen Charles
National Program Director
McGrath Systems, Inc.

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