Threat to eliminate gender equity provisions

From: Darcy Lees (
Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 18:50:01 EDT

Just received this and thought you would all want to be aware,
if you weren't.

Threat to eliminate gender equity provisions in education programs

Congress Proposes to Eliminate Gender Equity Provisions in Education Programs

Some members of Congress are proposing to eliminate all gender equity provisions
as it considers the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
(ESEA). They have already eliminated gender equity provisions from
teacher training. Now they want to eliminate the Women's Educational Equity Act
(WEEA) which funds research, development and dissemination of curricular
materials, training programs, guidance and testing activities, and other project
to combat inequitable education practices. They also want to eliminate drop-out
prevention provisions for pregnant and parenting
teens and end disaggregated data collection by sex.

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