Girls get cut off team

Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 10:17:43 EDT

In my daughter's middle school there was try outs for all sports. When more
girls showed up that they expected for field hockey some of them had to be
cut off the team and were sent to do cheerleading instead. in the meanwhile
NOT one single boy who tried out for the football team was cut because
according to the school there are not cuts in football. For what I understand
some of the girls were told that the school does not have enough money for their
uniforms, other story circulating is that there were not enough girls to make 2

i want to get the story straight form the school and i don't want an untrue
version and that is why Iam geting prepared to ask the right questions to the
right people. Any ideas will be appreciated because we are prepared to file an
official complaint on this one since is a more direct violation of Title IX.


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