Re 5: Progress?

From: Peggy Weeks (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 12:07:56 EDT

I have had the following quotation on my wall since 1979...

"We are in for a very, very long haul... I am asking for everything you have to
give. We will never give up... You will lose your youth, your sleep, your
patience. and occasionally...the understanding and support of people that you
love very much. In return, I have nothing to offer you but... your pride in
being a woman, and all your dreams you've ever had for your daughters, and
nieces, and granddaughters... your future and the certain knowledge that at the
end of your days you will be able to look back and say that once in your life
you gave everything you had for justice."

This quotation is from Jill Ruckelshaus to the National Women's Political Caucus
1977 California Convention.

Hang in there. You are not alone. :-)

Peggy Weeks

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