Re 6: Progress?

Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 11:41:58 EDT

That is a great quote and one that really does describe what one often feels. In
reality one sees ''small' results when one begins to shake up things a
little...even if one has to understand that sometimes those small changes are
done by the school bureaucrats in order not to let you proceed any further. A
''psychological pacifier' sort of thing.

(Mr. C our daughter's Social Studies teacher )surprised his classroom (and us)
by having a poster from the Women's History Project on his wall yesterday so my
daughter related to me. When I asked her how she felt she did not know what to
say exactly but then she thought about it and said "I wonder if I had anything
to do with this and it made me smile inside'' It is more likely that someone
suggested to him that he do it as a ''token gesture'' since he had no women
visible anywhere, but i'd like to think that he did look at the WH catalog I
gave him (and which he took very reluctantly) and decided to order a bit from
his heart....but
perhaps it does not really matter why he did it the important thing is that
he did it and it is there for his students and specially his female students to


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