Opening Statement - Amber V. DeWine

Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 00:00:00 EDT

Hello all! I'm a new poster to this list, and I suppose I should begin with a
little Opening Statement.

My name is Amber Valeris DeWine, and I am a 20-year old college student majoring
in Social Justice and minoring in Philosophy. My goal is to go on to law school
and eventually become an Associate Justice of the United States.

I come to this group with a slightly (when I say "slightly," I mean
"diametrically"...haha) different viewpoint from most of you in terms of gender
equity in education. I believe that serious inequity exists, but boys are the
victims of this inequity, not girls. I further subscribe to the belief that
boys and girls should be treated equally, but I can find no evidence that
suggests that girls are victimized to a degree even slightly comparable to the
degree to which boys are victimized.

My steps toward achieving gender equity would be:

 1) Eliminate the proportionality standard of Title IX applicable to athletics.
This causes no other effect than to eliminate boys' opportunities. Title IX was
once a law forbidding sex discrimination, but now has become a law that mandates
sex discrimination against boys. This is my MAIN issue.

 2) Get rid of the sexual harassment industry, relative to schools. I don't
want any boy to forbear from asking any girl to a dance because he is afraid
that he might get suspended for sexual harassment.

 3) Get rid of this pervasive attitude of female victimology. Girls are NOT
victimized. Girls are NOT shortchanged in schools. Prof. Judith Kleinfeld's
report "The Myth of the Shortchanged Schoolgirl" should be required reading for
all teachers and administrators before they receive their licensure.

 Anyway, this should stir up enough discussion for now!! The reason that I'm
here is because I'd like to learn more about why people are immersed in this
"girls are victims, boys are privileged" ideology that seems to have no basis in
fact or wisdom. I am writing a term paper on the subject of educational gender
equity, also.

  Anyway, it's nice to meet everyone!

Amber Valeris DeWine

"Kill Title IX...Let Our Boys Play Again!"
"Kill Sexual Harassment...Let Our Boys Date Again!"

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