Migrant Youth--Nov 1999 issue of Seventeen Magazine

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You may want to find this article and read more.
Thanks to Juan Marinez at USDA for alerting us
to this article.

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Check it out. In the November 1999 issue of Seventeen Magazine that hit =
the news stands this week, they have a four page story about migrant youth and =
the obstacles that they face and overcome. The title of the article (found on =
page174) is "We Are Invisible," and features a young migrant youth from =
the valley of Texas. Janie was the young farmworker child laborer that AFOP
sponsored to attend the Geneva ILO conference in Switzerland this past June.
It's believed that this is the first time that we have been successful in
reaching this segment of the general population. Educating the future voters and
women leaders of tomorrow. Our hats are off to Seventeen who moved out of the =
norm in their stories to do this piece. We encourage everyone to write and =
thank them for doing this story and helping to get the message out that these
migrant children do exist and deserve recognition and better treatment.

Juan Marinez
National Program Farm Worker Coordinator
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