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Dear Colleagues--
     I would like to call your attention to the Institute announcement
below. The Science, Gender and Community Curriculum Reform Institute is
designed to be immediately practical to those who attend: informational
sessions are held on student- and gender-conscious ways of teaching science
and mathematics, and participants (who attend in teams) are assigned to
mentors who assist them in development or revision of one of their own
courses. Teams who have attended in the past indicate very strongly that
they would never have made so much progress on their course project if they
had not attended the Institute.

    Please feel free to forward this annoucement or web address


to any of your colleagues who might be interested. Note that applications
are due December 17, 1999. I hope to meet some of you in June.

Heidi Fencl
Director, University of Wisconsin System Women and Science Program



The University of Wisconsin System Women and Science Program, with support
of the Division of Undergraduate Education of the National Science
Foundation, the GE Fund, and the UW System, invites participation in a 5-day
Institute for curricular reform and development.

The Institute is designed to bring teams of educators from across the
country together with mentors from the Women and Science Program to develop
course projects chosen by the teams themselves. Projects are to address the
need for student-active learning in science or mathematics, with an emphasis
on addressing issues that often discourage women and minorities from
pursuing study in the sciences or mathematics. Projects addressing women
and science courses are also welcome.

Full information is available on the web at



Date: June 10-14, 2000

Location: UW Oshkosh campus, Oshkosh, WI

Application Process:
Applications are due to the UWS Women and Science Program by December 17,
1999. Teams will be notified of acceptance in February. Application
materials are available on the web, or by calling the program office at

UWS Women and Science Program
UW Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Cost: $2500/three person team ($250 for each additional team member.)
Scholarships are available. Fees cover on-campus food and lodging and all
instructional costs.

Workshop Activities:

--Core group working time, during which teams work on a course development
or reform project which they have proposed for their own campus. During this
time, teams will work closely with workshop mentors and other teams with
similar projects to incorporate gender- and student-conscious ways of
teaching into their proposed course;
--Concurrent sessions on inquiry-based laboratories, women and science,
collaborative learning, or other topics;
--Keynote address given by Drs. Maralee Mayberry and Peg Rees; and
--Plenary sessions on topics of common interest to the group.


The mission of the UWS Women and Science Program is to attract and retain
more women and minority students in mathematics, science and engineering by
promoting systemic change in the ways that science and science education are
regarded and carried out within the UW System and beyond. The Institute is a
vital part of that mission, and seeks to:

--Help teams return to their campuses with course revisions or newly
developed courses that they will implement for their students;
--Provide participants with materials from other team projects, so that each
participant will receive useable information for a variety of courses; and
--Provide a time and place for mathematics and science faculty of all levels
of expertise to discuss and learn about common areas of interest, and to
form networks that extend beyond their own campuses.

Contact: (920) 424-7414 or
for applications and complete information.

Dr. Heidi Fencl
Director, University of Wisconsin System Women and Science Program
Coordinator, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Science Outreach Center
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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