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Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 10:29:00 EDT

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Dear Colleagues,

We are currently looking for special educators who will pilot test exercises
from a national assessment we are developing to identify accomplished teachers
in the area of Exceptional Needs. (Below is the flyer that we have distributed).
If you know of any teachers who might be interested, could you please pass on
the word.

 Thank you so much!

Deb Downes
Exceptional Needs Assessment Development Laboratory

National Board
for Professional Teaching Standards

Pilot Test Teachers Needed
The NBPTS Exceptional Needs Certificate

Who: Experienced Special Educators (3 or more years of teaching experience)

What: To pilot test one or two Assessment Exercises

When: Choose One of the following dates:
October 20, 1999, Wednesday 4pm-6pm
October 23, 1999, Saturday 9am-1pm
November 3, 1999, Wednesday 4pm-6pm
November 6, 1999, Saturday 9am-1pm

Why: A chance to preview Assessment Exercises
$100.00 for one assessment exercise
$200.00 for two assessment exercises
Plus PDPs
Good refreshments, too!

Where: Education Development Center, Inc.
71 Chapel Street, Newton, MA
If you are interested contact:
Debbie Downes, Teacher-in-Residence
(617) 618-2718 or NBPTSTemp@edc.org
1-800-225-4276 x2718

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