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Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 00:00:00 EDT

A little more on the Washington State site that Lesemann
suggested. It is a fairly comprehensive site for the
analysis of interscholastic competitive athletics developed
jointly by Washington's OSPI's Equity Office, the state
interscholastic activities association (WIAA) and the
regional office of the Office for Civil Rights. As this site
deals with interscholastic compliance, it makes a very good
companion to the site maintained by Mary Curtis and
Christine Grant in at the University of Iowa where they
specialize in intercollegiate competition. The sites are
linked and both contribute to information exchanges on a
broad range of state-run, competitive athletic issues.
The Washington State site is at:
The contact person is Darcy Lees (360) 753-2560 Herb Dempsey

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