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Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 15:49:00 EDT

My comments are mostly directed to Ms. Rousso, but anyone who would like to
can comment.
As someone who is new to this specific edequity issue I'd be interested in
two follow-up paths

1) You note that
        "Compared to their disabled male and
>nondisabled female counterparts, disabled women and girls fare less well on
>many indicators of educational, social, vocational and financial success."

        What m,ight you recommend as some sources for this type of information?

2) You go on to say "The little research we have - and we need far more
of it -
>confirms their perception. In school, girls with disabilities are plagued by
>invisibility in their textbooks and in the classroom, sexual harassment in
>the corridors; and limited access to the types of math, science and
>vocational courses that are the gateway to postsecondary success. Disability
>bias interacts with gender bias, giving it some new twists and exacerbating
>its effects, contributing to the dismal outcomes that far too many young
>women with disabilities face upon leaving school."

        What do you see as the "pressing" research needs in this field. I
work with many graduate level students in early childhood special education
-- what might you suggest to them as far as 1-3 major gaps in research (I
know it's hard when there are many)!

I'd also be interested to know what age range your book will cover.
Thanks for getting us off the ground!

>Girls with disabilities are perceptive observers of gender bias, compounded
>by ableism, but they are not passive observers. They bring assets to the
>classroom that they use to challenge bias when they can, rally allies and
>pursue their own interests and learning despite barriers. Marie, above,
>demands equality or else. She and her friends are perfectly prepared to take
>up the fight and take on the world. Yet as professionals committed to
>equity, isn't it our job to join them?

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